• Dani Vivanco

ANGELICA // FSU Law School

Angelica is graduating from LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!!! How amazing is she?! After graduation, she is packing up everything and moving her and her adorable puppy, Theodore, and bunny, Charlie, to Colorado to be a public defender. I can't even imagine what being a public defender must be like, but I do know that Angelica is a very special person to be able to do that. I am grateful she has the heart to do such a tough job!

Because she is graduating from FSU's law school, we split up our time between the law campus and Wescott for our grad session together. Charlie and Theodore were on their best behavior and made me miss my pets at home (miss ya Gracie, Skipper, and Cheezel!!). Look how cute the three of them are! The cutest little family :')


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