• Dani Vivanco

KARA // Florida State University

Kara is one of my good friends and my life is better knowing her! She is one of those friends that just exudes wisdom, kindness, and Jesus to everyone around her. She is extremely hard working and after graduation is heading to DC to be a boss lady!!! She will be working as a financial advisor and I cannot wait to visit her and see her new life!

To celebrate her conquering college, we did something a little different for her grad shoot! We started in the downtown area of Tallahassee and then finished at Cascades Park, where her boyfriend, Jonathan, met us for a couple of pictures at the end. It had been cloudy and gloomy all day, and just when the sun was beginning to set, the clouds disappeared and we got a beautiful sunset!!! Love when that happens (although it would be nice if it was just sunny 24/7 like my beautiful home, California).


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