MADYSON // Tallahassee, FL

This gloomy Sunday afternoon did not stop Madyson and I from having a blast shooting for her blog, Beautiful Things. Madyson is a sophomore at FSU who is passionate about Jesus and being a role model and supporter to others, especially young women like us. She uses her blog as a platform to reach out to others and spread the good news of Jesus Christ--something I admire very much!

Not only is she a thoughtful and Godly woman, but she is (obviously) very photogenic! We started our session together at Catalina Cafe on Gaines St. in Tallahassee, FL, since Madyson loves coffee and coffee culture. After many pictures of her casually sippin' and hair flippin', we headed to Cascades Park to finish out out time together. Seriously, she's got the smize DOWN!

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