TYLER+ASHLEIGH ENGAGEMENT // Lafayette Heritage Park, FL

Tyler and Ashleigh have made it on here again! Back in February, Tyler reached out to me asking if I would photograph his proposal to Ashleigh (you can check out how it went on my blog!), and we had a blast. I was super excited and flattered when they asked me to then take their engagement pictures! They were good sports as I made them trek through bushes and trees (gotta do it for the shot!) out here in Lafayette Heritage Park.

Tyler and Ashleigh met through mutual friends and have been crazy about each other since. They are devoted to having a Christ-centered relationship and are actively involved in their church here in town. They are really close with each other's families and (get how cute this is) cook dinner for Tyler's sister and her three roomies once a week! They are planning on getting married in June 2019.

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