MCKENNA+GRANT // West Palm Beach, FL

McKenna is one of my best friends from middle school. We have been friends through the horribly awkward stages of early adolescence (a moment of silence for my horrible side bangs and lack of fashion sense), her moving away to the jungles of Brazil, and to us BOTH ending up in the state of Florida for undergrad! McKenna is a very special person, so when she told me that she started dating a guy named Grant, I knew he had to be equally as generous and Godly as McKenna is.

After not having seen each other in over 2 years, we spent Labor Day Weekend at the beach, eating good food, and catching up on this crazy thing we call life. Of course, it isn't a Dani-filled weekend without making people be my models and doing an improve-to shoot!! Check it...

Bromances are important to document, TOO!!

A baptism or two may have occurred during our session...

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