KAT+CONNER // Suwannee River Engagements

Kat and Conner are two goofy, Christ-seeking people who met through The Navigators' STP (Summer Training Program) two summers ago. They are both now working for The Navigators on their Edge Team at UF. They are down to look silly in front of the camera, get run over by their adorable dog, Raven, and jump into sketchy-looking rivers to get a cool shot!!

For their engagement session, we explored around the Suwannee River State Park. I have drive by this place so many times on the 10 and never even knew it existed and how cool it is! Raven especially loved it!

MEET RAVEN!!!! One of the most energetic dogs I have ever had the pleasure of playing with

The behind the scenes of engagement shoots in Florida (it's so HOT)

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