AMANDA+CHRIS // Providence Canyon Engagements

Amanda and Chris met when they were little kids in the same homeschool group. After several years of friendship, they began dating in high school. In college, they went their separate ways for a while, but somehow ended up finding their way back to each other. After surviving long distance at separate colleges in Florida, they are FINALLY doing to the dirty deed and getting MARRIED!!! They are both very thankful for their time apart, because it allowed them to discover themselves and grow into the people they were destined to become.

For their engagement session, we took a mini road trip to Providence Canyon in Georgia. We climbed the canyon walls, frolicked in the mud, and cuddled on blankets (I was not a part of the cuddling hahaha). Amanda had recently found an old journal that she would write in when she was 11 years old. Of course, like any 11 year old girl with a crush, she filled the journal with stories about Chris. After all that time and all that they have been through, these kids are getting MARRIED in June. I am so stoked to celebrate with them!

11 year old Amanda's journal (please note the classic 11 year old decor)

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