MONICA // Florida State University

Monica is my roomie. We currently don't live together anymore, but since we did live together for two years, we will always be roommates! She is the most on-brand person you will ever meet. She is the first to start many cool trends that we all know and love today. She is more confident in herself than most and cried when she listened to "Drag Me Down" by OneDirection when they first released it (good song). She has a very big heart for children, especially the ones who don't have as much privilege and opportunities as we do. She also was one of the first people to help me get started with photography by being my assistant, advertising me to anyone and everyone, and endlessly encouraging me that I can do this! She also enjoys being creative with healthier food options (check out @monslunchbox !!). Pretty much, she is an all around great, cool, funny, silly, and loving person who would be your friend any day. LOVE YA Mon, congrats on graduating and glad you are not moving out of Tallahassee just yet! :)

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