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The Harman's // Bradley's Pond Wedding

The Harman Wedding. Beautiful, thoughtful, emotional, and exciting. Just a few of the words to describe this amazing day!

I actually almost missed the wedding, because my flight from home to Tallahassee got completely cancelled, due to the "crew delay". They said that there were no more flights going out that day, but they could get me in Tallahassee by 3pm SUNDAY (the day AFTER the wedding). I looked that guy at the ticket counter straight in the eyes and said that he had to get me into Tallahassee by noon, there is no other option. 20 hours and 3 flights later, and I made it only 5 minutes late.

Aside from the travel fiasco and running on 3 hours of sleep and no shower (gross), I could have not asked for a better wedding. Everyone in the room could tell how excited Sam and Brooke were to finally get to marry each other. They way these two look at one another can make a girl melt, let me tell you. They have such a huge support system around them and everyone involved just wanted to give them the best day they could ever have.

These photos make me laugh and tear up at the same time. I hope you all feel the same when looking at them.

Dogs = best weddings