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THE MITCHELL WEDDING // Family Bayside Ranch Wedding

I first met Amanda at our group RA interview. We both ended up not getting the job (a blessing in hindsight) and reconnected while dying in our Chem 2 class at Florida State University sophomore year. I could instantly tell how sweet and loving a person she is. Little did I know that I would be shooting her wedding nearly two years later!!

Amanda and Chris have known each other since they were kids. They grew up in the same homeschool group and their families were good friends. As everyone suspected, they started to like each other and later dated in high school. Amanda ended up breaking up with Chris in the beginning of her starting college, but deep down, Chris knew that they were not finished just yet. Luckily, he was RIGHT! A year-ish later, they started dating again and then Chris proposed on a hot summer day last year.

I had the pleasure of getting to road trip to Providence Canyon with them to take their engagement pictures. I love getting to spend quality times with my couples to get to know them on a more personal level than just their wedding photographer!

As for their big day, they had a beautiful and heart-filled afternoon wedding in early March on Amanda's family ranch in Fort Myers, Florida. You could really feel how much they were ready to finally be married and how much their family and friends supported them! Here's to many long years of a purposeful and happy marriage! Love you guys!