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SPRING BREAK 2K19 // Puerto Rico Baby!!

The last spring break of undergrad and we went to PUERTO RICO BABY!!!! Our days were filled with sunshine, ocean, and the best food.

Our flight was suppose to leave at 6-something am on Monday morning, but I got an email a couple of days before saying it got changed to 4:30am. You heard me. 4:30 IN THE MORNING!!!! I am the poster child for morning people, but even that is too early to get on a flight. Gracie was in Jacksonville working The Player's Tournament until nearly midnight and almost didn't make it to our flight. Then, when we were waiting to board, we overheard this poor man throwing up in the bathroom (like, we could hear him from the gate all the way from the bathroom because he was so so loud). Then he got on our flight and threw up on the plane (of course) so we had to stay in taxi forever until they cleaned his seat and got him off the plane. The adventure had already started let me tell you hahahahha.

On our first day, we met up with six other friends and frolicked in the ocean all day. For lunch, we went to El Vagon, this cute taco truck that ended up being the girls' favorite place and went nearly every day hahaha! The rest of our days looked very similar: beach, eat, repeat! We explored Old San Juan and went to the rainforest/sliding rocks with our new homie, Mario (he is the best guide and made us a drone video of our adventure hahaaha)! All in all, it was a great trip and long live SB2k19!!!!!

I am in no means a videographer, but I always make funny trip videos for my friends, so if you'd like to see more into our spring break, check this bad boi out here:

okay now onto what you really came for, PICS!!!!

this was the view from our fancy schmancy hotel room (shout out to Jenna's dad's boss for being so gracious and kind and letting us stay here for free)

now to Old San Juan!

Dani the oceanholic: a series