ME AND MY BEST FRIENDS // Florida State University

Oh boy, this is a special one. These are my favorite people and I had the pleasure of taking their grad pics (and my own) and being their friend. Yes, we have as much fun as these pictures display!

Last Semester Highlight Reel:

Meet Gracie (or Grace if she's extra sweet to you and Graciella if you're mad): She was my very first friend I ever made in the entire state of Florida. We lived in the same hall and well the rest is history! She is very driven, fun, beautiful, and down for anything. She's so down for anything that she just moved to Ireland to work for a golf club for the next six months. Then she will move to Orange County and live with me forever ;)

Say hey to your favorite meteorologist: Jennifer (or Fafa)! You can catch her live on ABC4 in Charleston! She can tell you anything and everything weather related! Not only is she incredibly smart, but she. is also extremely loyal, funny, and thoughtful. She always wears black but loves the color pink and is always there for you when you need her most!

Now here's: Jenna (better known as Jennanana). She's a b-balling, donut eating, silly girl that has killer abs for dayz and sniffs your cups before drinking out of them. There are few times that I have been around Jenna and haven't laughed my guts out. She's my sparring buddy, cuddle friend, and supporter. She's the most content and easy-going person I know. She will be going to her dream school, UCF, to become the best physical therapist and then move to Southern California to live with me and work at my wellness clinic (dreams do come true hehehe).

Last, but not least, for the ladies: my girl, Katie (KT if you're lazy and Katelyn if she's in trouble). My adoptive sister and Florida family, soccer-loving, competitive as hell, and caring friend. She's seen me through my worst and my best and still is my friend regardless. She gives the shirt off her back (literally). I love her, even though her frugalness annoys me sometimes hahah (probably should be a little more like her in that department, but hey i'm young still). She will be attending USF to become a speech pathologist in the fall! Go Bulls!

To meet the boiiiiiiis, keep scrolling!!!

personality pic

Gracie dabbed while walking across the stage at graduation HAHA

And ME! I know you all already know so much about me, so I'll keep this brief!! Dani, future chiropractor, loves to run and swim, oceanholic. Pretty much sums me up!


Meet my best running friend: Jake (also responds to Jakey, Snek, Jacob, or the Throw Up King). Jake graciously started running with me two years ago and life has been better since!! Jake is the most loyal person I have ever met, and everyone other one of his friends would also agree. He is a great listener and remembers everything you tell him. He doesn't get THAT embarrassed (anymore) when I talk about my poop or do other stupid stuff in public. If you have the pleasure of knowing Jake, you know that he is a friend that you want around, is always down to hang out, and that he might throw up in front of you, but don't worry he bounces back really quickly!! Jake is a real adult now and working in the IT department at a company back home in Fort Lauderdale!

No introduction is needed for Silly Boi Will. He is the life of the party (unless it is between the hours of 8am-2pm, because that is sleepy time for Willy) and is always making people laugh until they die. Everything that he does is funny for some reason! He is extremely intelligent and knows any and all facts about nature, rocks, and animals (you want this guy on your team when playing Guess What Animal I am). AND he will do almost any dare you choose (especially bellyflopping). I love Will, even though he thinks Rolos are a good breakfast choice, won't come visit me at home no matter how much I bribe him, and yeeted my Hydroflask across the pool and nearly broke it. I know he will be successful in whatever job comes next for him!!!

Last, but certainly not least: it's your boy Jake Toots (yes there are two Jake's)!!!!! Charming, adventurous, and sassy, Jake is your go to friend if you ever want to go camping, need a book recommendation, or need a dope partner during a Spartan Race (thanks for helping me over that wall and doing a million burpees with me buddy)! Toots can tear up the dance floor and likes to eat peanut butter, jelly, and pepper sandwiches (yes, peppers. He swears it's good). He is a grown up and will be working at Deloitte in Lake Mary when he comes back from visiting ME in July!!!!

I have the best friends in the whole world :')

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