KAYLA // Florida State University

Kayla Kayla Kayla...where do I even begin?! Kayla is one of my dearest friends. She was my OG model back in the day before I even thought photography would make me any money. We would drive around Tallahassee during golden hour, looking for cool places to take (what we thought were) dope pics.

Kayla majored in Exercise Physiology (woohoo!!) and is going to LONDON to attend Occupational Therapy school!! Not only is she adventurous and brave, but she is deep, thoughtful, unique, passionate, and intelligent. She craves individuality, deep conversations with friends, and nostalgia. Think you know all the cool small indie bands? Kayla already knows them and has been to all their concerts.

To commemorate her favorite place, we had to go to all her favorite spots. And, of course, a huge part of her college life was spent jammin to LANY, so she had to sport their merch! One of my favorite grad shoots ever :') love you kaydahl

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