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hi, i'm dani!!

     some of my favorite things: sunrises, pizza, running, swimming, nutrition, the ocean, good food, smoothies, matcha, the moon, garlic, my friends, learning, sweatshirts, my creator. i am a distance athlete (so marathons and triathlons are my personal heaven). i am currently in chiropractor school and can soon take your pictures AND crack yo back!! i have an insane love for the human body, so anything nutrition and fitness related i go nuts for. i am gluten and dairy-free but pizza is my all-time favorite food (rip my stomach). few things make me feel more alive than running downhill as the sun is peaking over the horizon or diving under a wave. and, most of all, i love people.


    people are the main reason i have fallen in love with photography. this job is so awesome because i have been able to meet some people whose paths i’d probably never get to cross without it. i think people are so beautiful and my #1 goal in shooting with every single one of my clients is to showcase YOU and YOUR love. i’m not pose-y. i’m very keen on gently directing you to look like how beautiful and unique you guys truly are. if you and your person are super goofy and playful, then we are gonna get pictures of just that! if you both are super cool and moody and passionate, then we are gonna make out a ton and get super hot pics.

     i want you guys to walk away from our session or wedding day sweaty, abs sore from laughing, and with a new friend (me)! for me, our time together starts way before and extends way after our actual shoot time. when you hire me, you’re hiring a photographer, expert third wheel, and a friend :)

kind words

Dani took photos of myself and my boyfriend for our anniversary two years in a row! Each time, she did such a wonderful job capturing our personalities and love. She is incredibly sweet and makes the process so fun! We now have the most beautiful photos that we will always cherish, thanks to Dani! If you’re looking for a photographer, Dani is your girl!

- kim 

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