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let's talk money

     here's my little blurb about how you get what you pay for. if you value your wedding photos as much as i do, then do not settle for someone whose style you don't appreciate just because they are cheaper. i completely understand that it is a luxury for most to be able to afford their dream photographer, so do what you gotta do! but if you are lucky enough, pick the person whom you connect with and who will create the photos you cannot wait to hang out around your house and show your great grandkids one day. 

     these photos are forever! 




for engagements, anniversaries, maternities, or just because. there is always a reason to take pics with the one you love. together we get to go to a special place, dance around in the sunlight, and capture the essence of you.



starting at $2000


for the adventurous, non-traditional couple. for those with wild hearts and wanting to say i do on a mountain top or near crashing waves. together we can customize your elopement package to fit your needs best.


basic wedding package starting at $3500

weekend wedding package starting at $4800


whether big or small, non-traditional or just like your grandparents' wedding, your big day should be the epitome of your relationship. fully representative of who you both are (and hopefully stress-free). these wedding packages are completely customizable to fit your needs.

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